We are delighted to be of service to our community and hope that you will find this web site to be a blessing of resources that will guide you and inform you on what we have to offer here at Great Commission as well as what God has to offer you in the way of salvation!

We are located on 6621 Marsh Road in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact our church at (877) 782-6093 or email us at: ChurchInfo@GCDMOnline.org.

Church Vision

To bring the body of believers into a vibrant personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through diligent study of the Word of God, prayer, commitment to ministry, and obedience to scripture.

Church History

Great Commission Deliverance Ministries has been serving God’s kingdom and the community of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania since 1998 and we give all the honor and glory to God! Our church services where held at the Renaissance Place on West Second Street for 15 years, until we transitioned to our current location at 6621 Marsh Road on March 17, 2014, of which we have been serving now for about 17 years and each year we are grateful for all that the Lord has blessed us with, as we continually seek on His wisdom and strength to lead the the way.

Church Covering

Great Commission Deliverance Ministries is under the covering of King’s Apostle Church World Ministries (KACWM) who is lead by Senior Bishop Wilbert Lewis Baltimore, Ph.D. Great Commission Deliverance Ministries falls under the 2nd Diocese of KACWM where Bishop Sterling V. Porter, III Th.D. leads the diocese. Please visit our affiliate churches web sites listed below for further information: